The Solar Energy Technologies Office contracted to translate and purchase distribution rights to TUV Rheinland's Assessing Fire Risks in PV Systems and Developing Safety Concepts for Risk Minimization. As a part of the assessment TUV Rheinland studied the causes of all reported fire cases in Germany in 2013 involving buildings with PV. TUV analyzed the sources of fires (e.g., arcs, hotspots) and the causes of the fires (e.g., design flaw, faulty installation, component defects) and conducted extensive testing of firefighter safety equipment and protocols. On the basis of the determined risk potentials and field investigations, specific recommendations for minimizing the risks of fire were provided for component manufacturers as well as for PV plant developers. In addition, significant results were presented to various PV standardization committees. Overall, the project managed to achieve a clear objectification of the somewhat unreliable reporting about damages caused by fires in PV plants.