All About Solar and Real Estate

July 25, 2016

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The number of U.S. households with rooftop solar is rapidly growing. The amount of grid-connected solar is expected to double in just two years. With this large number of PV homes in the U.S. and a continuing robust market for additional PV installations, an ever-increasing number of PV homes will likely be sold or refinanced.

This week, SunShot is investigating the growing role that solar plays in real estate. Homeowners—both potential and current—along with real estate professionals, need to be well-educated when it comes to transactions that deal with solar. SunShot will be posting new content every day that provides helpful insight for everyone involved in real estate dealings.

Today, our first blog post and infographic go live, looking at SunShot-funded projects that ensure real estate agents, appraisers, and other professionals related to the real estate industry have the solar knowledge and training needed to provide the best service to their customers and to accurately account for solar’s value as homes are sold.  

You can find all of our real estate content this week on the SunShot Spotlight: Solar and Real Estate webpage. In addition to new blog posts, it includes more than a dozen resources pertaining to the value of solar, different financing mechanisms, consumer protection advice, and guides for community solar arrays. One of our newest resources is the Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar, which helps people considering the option of adding a solar energy system to their home’s roof.

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