Develop An Energy Plan

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The development of a long-term energy plan is a foundational step for improving energy performance in your jurisdiction. Strategic energy planning helps state and local governments focus efforts and actions toward a shared energy vision. The resources and best practices available below will help state and local governments develop energy plans that maximize energy savings, economic growth, and public health benefits.   

State Energy Planning

Most state energy offices across the country are required to have current and long-term strategic energy management plans in place. These strategic plans help to ensure that state agencies are doing everything economically feasible to manage energy consumption and reduce energy- and water-related costs.

The National Association of State Energy Officials' provides state energy plans and associated resources, including the 2011 report "An Overview of Statewide Comprehensive Energy Plans"  and a set of State Energy Planning Guidelines

Local Energy Planning

The U.S. Department of Energy has developed the Guide to Community Energy Strategic Planning, which includes a step-by-step process for creating a robust strategic energy plan for local governments and communities that can help save money, create local jobs, and improve national security. The guide offers tools and tips to complete each step and highlights examples from successful planning efforts around the country. Download the entire plan, or access information on each step.


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