Commercial PACE Working Group

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The Commercial PACE Working Group is a cohort of state and local governments working together to learn about, launch, and refine C-PACE financing programs. This DOE initiative will leverage technical assistance from leading C-PACE experts and market partners to:

  • Develop tools and solutions to barriers facing state and local governments
  • Convene and create peer exchanges to showcase public-sector leadership and effective public-private partnerships
  • Provide information from leading technical experts.

The goal of these efforts is to stimulate $60 million in C-PACE investments by 2022.

The C-PACE Working Group builds off the recently released Lessons in Commercial PACE Leadership: The Path from Legislation to Launch. This resource from the U.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory aims to fast track the set-up of C-PACE programs for state and local governments by capturing the lessons learned from leaders. The report examines the long list of potential program design options and important decision points in setting up a C-PACE program, tradeoffs for available options, and experiences of stakeholders have gone through (or are going through) the process. The resource draws on interviews with leading market actors and established programs in Texas, Connecticut, California, and many other successful C-PACE programs.

Lessons in Commercial PACE Leadership: The Path from Legislation to Launch


To learn more, watch our webinar on the report.