Access and Use Energy Data

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Whether for a single building, campus, or municipality, any energy efficiency improvement or energy data management program should include activities, such as benchmarking, establishing an energy baseline, and verifying and measuring results to identify impacts and effectiveness. The foundation for all of these actions is having access to your energy data.

The resources available below address topics related to energy data management and evaluation.


Benchmarking activities compare energy use at similar facilities to assess opportunities for improvement and to quantify or verify energy savings. 

External Benchmarking and Disclosure Programs

External benchmarking and disclosure programs provide public sector sustainability officers with ways to design and implement policies that help improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and communities.

Data-Driven Strategic Energy Management

Data driven strategic energy management is a set of processes that empowers an organization to implement energy management actions and consistently achieve energy performance improvements. 

Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Evaluation, measurement, and verification is the collection of methods and processes used by utility operators to assess the performance of energy efficiency activities so that planned results can be achieved with greater certainty and future activities can be more effective.

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