This page provides more information about the creation of the Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Model Documents to be used when developing or updating procurement and contracting documents for ESPC projects and programs.

These documents, originally developed over time by state energy offices carrying out ESPC programs, underwent an extensive, three-phase review.  They were first updated and revised by Chani L. Vines, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); Linda Smith of 9k Strategies in Energy, LLC; and Philip Quebe and other staff at The Cadmus Group, Inc. under Contract 4200000343 with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is managed by UT-Battelle, LLC under contract with DOE No. DE-AC05-00OR22725.  DOE thanks David Birr (Synchronous Energy Solutions) and Patricia Donahue (Donahue and Associates) for sharing their expertise in this industry with a number of the working groups and especially Linda Smith for her leadership of the working groups and final review and integration process.

The U.S. Department of Energy would like to thank the public and private-sector stakeholders who dedicated many hours of their time to bring these documents up to date and make them universally applicable:  Peter Berger (MN Department of Commerce), John Bergwell (Chevron Energy Solutions), Mike Brunsman (Bank of American Public Capital Corporation), Cara Carmichael (Rocky Mountain Institute), David Clamage (Saulsbury Hill Financial), Randy Clark (NORESCO), Hillary Dobos (CO Energy Office), Tim Gasper (Brady Trane), Bob Georgeoff (Ameresco), Allie Harris (Schneider Electric), Len Hoey (NC Department of Environmental Assistance & Customer Service), Mike Horkey (Green Campus Partners), Brian Johnson (NM Energy Technology Bureau), Dustin Knutson (Institute for Building Technology & Safety), Jim Knutson (M360), Mary Lesher (Honeywell Global Finance), Ray Lockhart (AL Department of Economic & Community Affairs), Jim McGowan (Energy Control Inc.), Eileen McHugh (MA Department of Energy Resources), Sylvia McIvor (Energy Systems Group), Ty Miller (Schneider Electric), Ralph Morita (HI Department of Accounting & General Services), Mike O’Connor (Ameresco), Jan Patrick (MI Energy Office), Karen Pelzer (All American Investment Group), Liz Raman (HI Strategic Industries Division), Kurmit Rockwell (DOE Federal Energy Management Program), Marty Skolnick (Siemens Building Technologies), Terry Steuber (KS Corporation Commission), Thomas Thompson (VA Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy), Steve Truebner (McKinstry), Rod Vanderwall (CO Office of State Architect), Tom Walther (Johnson Controls, Inc.), Lia Webster (Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.), and Chris White (Georgia Environmental Finance Authority).

Thanks also to the individuals and organizations who participated in the third phase of the process to review the integrated suite of documents from the end-user perspective: Peter Berger (MN Department of Commerce), Energy Services Coalition (ESC), Lisa Lin (Houston, TX Office of the Mayor), the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO), Liz Raman (HI Strategic Industries Division), Thomas Thompson (VA Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy), Rod Vanderwall (CO Office of State Architect), and Karen Wieber (MI Energy Office).

For additional information, contact Alice Dasek (DOE).