Upcoming Events and Webinars

    Oct. 23-25, 2023: GridTECH Connect Northeast
    • The GridTECH Connect Forum enables the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise to further innovation surrounding the interconnection of distributed energy resources (DER). The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Interconnection Innovation e-Xchange (i2X) will host three sessions at the GridTECH Connect Northeast Conference in Newport, Rhode Island:
      • Oct. 23: DER Interconnection Study Bootcamp: This boot camp will provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct interconnection studies for DER in distribution grid networks. The boot camp will cover a range of topics, including the basics of DER interconnection, hosting capacity maps, software tools for interconnection studies, and interconnection study best practices.
      • Oct. 24: Flexible Interconnection: expanding options and reducing costs to decarbonize. As the electricity market in the United States shifts toward cleaner and more distributed energy resources, flexible interconnection plays an important role in maintaining grid stability, reliability, and resilience while providing customers with faster and more cost-effective interconnection services that minimize unnecessary grid upgrades.
      • Oct. 25: Town Hall Dialogue: The Next Five Years of Interconnection Innovation: This panel discussion will bring together experts to explore multifaceted opportunities and challenges associated with flexible interconnection, exploring innovative strategies for implementing new interconnection services. Panelists will discuss different methods for offering interconnection agreements, cutting-edge grid integration techniques, advanced control systems, and data-driven decision-making to support the dynamic energy landscape.

    Past Events

    Sep. 11, 2023: Sneak Peak: A Roadmap to the future of Interconnection Innovation at RE+
    • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Interconnection Innovation e-Xchange (i2X) convened diverse stakeholders across the U.S. electricity ecosystem to formulate a practical 5-year Strategic Roadmap for implementing simpler, faster, and fairer interconnection processes while enhancing the reliability, resiliency, and security of our distribution and transmission grid networks. Through a series of virtual meetings covering key issues, the i2X team facilitated numerous open dialogues about important interconnection issues, knowledge gaps, practical short-term solutions, and few paradigm-shifting ideas. The result is a roadmap for the next five years of interconnection innovation for stakeholders by stakeholders. In this workshop at RE+ in Las Vegas, Nevada, the i2X leadership team shared highlights of a draft of this 5-year Strategic Roadmap for feedback and comments ahead of its formal release.
    July 27, 2023: Webinar: Virtual Electromagnetic Transient (EMT) Bootcamp
    • The Interconnection Innovation e-Xchange (i2X), in collaboration with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), conducted a series of virtual EMT Boot Camps aimed at providing hands-on training on using EMT simulation tools and models to perform individual inverter-based resource (IBR) plant performance assessment and system impact assessment as part of enhanced interconnection studies, both manually and through automation for a streamlined workflow.
    June 29, 2023: Webinar: U.S. Interconnection Costs & Trends Across 5 ISO/RTOs
    • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory hosted a webinar to discuss a series of briefs analyzing interconnection costs and trends across five U.S. wholesale electricity markets. The series employs extensive data collection and analysis at the individual project level to provide developers, regulators, policy makers, and other stakeholders with critical insights about interconnection cost data that is often difficult and inefficient for the public to obtain. Read the series of briefs.
    June 12-14, 2023: Transmission & Interconnection Summit
    Mar. 2, 2023: i2X Technical Assistance & Applications Teaming
    • The i2X team discussed the technical assistance opportunity and opportunities to partner with other organizations. Watch the recording.
    Feb. 7, 2023: GridTECH Connect Forum: DER Interconnection Study Bootcamp
    Nov. 9, 2022: i2X Roadmap First Look Webinar  
    • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) held a webinar to share an early draft of the Interconnection Innovation e-Xchange (i2X) 5-Year Strategic Roadmap outline, topics, and scope for feedback and comments. This plan will help to improve interconnection processes, reduce interconnection timelines and costs, and maintain grid reliability to meet local, state, regional, and federal decarbonization goals. Watch a recording of the webinar. During this webinar, the i2X team announced plans to form six topical working groups with subgroups for specialized subjects or issues. Join the working groups and let us know what other subjects you want to bring to the table.
    June 7, 2022: i2X Kickoff Webinar
    • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office and Wind Energy Technologies Office held a webinar for the launch of i2X. i2X is focused on developing innovative solutions to enable the faster, simpler, and fairer interconnection of solar energy, wind energy, and energy storage to the electric grid while enhancing the reliability and resiliency of our nation’s distribution and transmission grid networks. Watch a recording of the webinar and download the presentation (PDF).