Through H2 Twin Cities, two or more cities can apply to receive support to share ideas, mentor and learn from each other, build a community of hydrogen best practices, and strengthen global commitment to environmental justice, social equity, and clean energy jobs, particularly at the city and municipality level.


Phase 1: Self-Identification

Applicants may self-identify as potential partners on the H2 Twin Cities application website through Jan. 17, 2022. This step is optional but if cities are not already aware of potential partners, it provides an opportunity for visibility and signaling interest in serving as a potential H2 Twin City. Posting interest on the website is not required and cities may self-assemble prior to Phase 2.

Types of H2 Twin Cities Partnerships

Any city in any country that has a demonstrated commitment to advancing hydrogen and fuel cell technology can apply to join H2 Twin Cities. Interested communities are expected to self-assemble with their desired partners. There are two types of H2 Twin Cities partnerships.

Sibling Cities

Sibling Cities are pairings of cities from different countries that are already at the forefront of deploying hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and have extensive experience and success in end-use acceptance, building infrastructure, and community awareness. These cities would share and develop best practices and lessons learned to showcase to each other, as well as to other regions through the H2 Twin Cities platform, to further accelerate progress. 

Mentor-Mentee Cities

Mentor-Mentee Cities are pairings of cities from different countries that are at significantly different levels of hydrogen implementation. One city would be considered the Mentor city and would share lessons learned and best practices with the Mentee city, which is committed to future deployment of hydrogen technologies and addressing challenges of adoption. 

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