Industry has named one of the largest barriers to widespread adoption of geothermal technologies: the lack of quantifiable, geothermal-relevant data in the subsurface. The Department of Energy has answered the call with a mammoth resource of geoscience information that contains enough raw data points to pinpoint the elusive sweet spots of geothermal energy.

NGDS is an interoperable networked system of distributed data repositories accessed through federated catalog nodes,and is built upon an open architecture using open source software practices. The NGDS provides access to geothermal data from providers across the US, including all 50 state geological surveys, the nation’s leading academic geothermal centers, the geothermal industry, and a variety of federal agencies. The NGDS model can easily be extended beyond the United States to an international audience.The NGDS provides a platform for accessing and sharing geothermal technical data. Take a look at the latest NGDS fact sheet for more information.