As required by DOE Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) Funding Opportunity Announcements for Financial Assistance awards, all GTO funds recipients including national laboratories must provide data to the DOE Geothermal Data Repository (DOE-GDR).  In most cases, performers provide data to the DOE-GDR no later than the end of the quarter in which the data are generated. 


The data must be sufficiently complete, in a format acceptable to DOE, and include all files required for an independent analyst to reproduce and verify the work.  The data will be submitted to DOE-GDR at  While most data formats may be uploaded to the DOE-GDR, DOE prefers reusable, structured data that supports conclusions communicated in project quarterly and other reports. Use of National Geothermal Data System (NGDS) data exchange models is highly encouraged. For example, data generated from rare earth element analysis may be entered into a NGDS aqueous chemistry structured format available at

The data will be made publicly available via the NGDS once they have been submitted and accepted into the DOE-GDR system.  If the data are protected or subject to a moratorium, they will not be made publicly available until the moratorium has expired, and they will be held in a secure section of the DOE-GDR.  Protected Data will be treated according to the Intellectual Property Provisions.



You must register for an account at the data submission site prior to submitting any data. Registration establishes a user account with ID and password, and authorization to submit data to the DOE-GDR. Visit the DOE-GDR website at to initiate your account registration and perform all actions associated with data submission. For technical assistance with the registration or data submission interface, contact GDR Help at


Once registered, you must log into the data submission site at to submit data. You must complete the data submission form for each data resource (e.g. excel file, word document, pdf, or data containment software), including:


•  Provide appropriate metadata and contact information
•  Agree to the data handling terms of the DOE-GDR
•  Specify the release date for any Protected Data (if applicable), consistent with your Intellectual Property Terms
•  Attach the data

After your data have been submitted, you will not be able to edit them for the duration of the review and curation process. It is recommended that you retain a copy of the submitted data.
For information and assistance concerning preparation of data files, metadata, unique data requirements, and the data curation process, contact GDR Help at or visit


Data submitted to the DOE-GDR and identified as “Protected Data” are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in your Intellectual Property Terms incorporated into your Award. During the period prior to the public release date, Protected Data are held in a secure data store with restricted access pursuant to the Intellectual Property Provisions.  All other data will be made publicly available via the NGDS once they have been submitted and accepted into the DOE-GDR system.


You may cancel a submission at any time prior to public release. Cancellation will terminate the curation process and remove any copies of the originally submitted data from the system. If you wish to edit data or metadata after submission, you will need to cancel and resubmit.

Specific questions pertaining to your award should be addressed to the DOE Technical Project Officer.

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