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Meet Susan Hamm: 5 Questions with the New Geothermal Technologies Director
Dr. Susan Hamm brings with her an impressive portfolio that includes operations, budget and management, and a background in the geological sciences...
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New Drilling Technology Could Drive Advances in America’s Geothermal Energy Industry

Our Geothermal Technologies Office continues to push the envelope of what's possible in conventional drilling operations. The latest success is a...

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This Hybrid Power Plant Combines 3 Clean Energy Sources in One

Engineers at Idaho National Lab and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory helped build the world’s first triple hybrid renewable energy plant....

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Winning Infographics Depict Future of Geothermal Energy

This year's Geothermal Design Challenge tasked teams of high school and university students to research, design, and promote their infographics...

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Energy Department Announces Project Selections in First Phase of Cutting-Edge Enhanced Geothermal Systems Effort

Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy could unlock access to a domestic, geographically diverse and carbon-free source of clean...

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Energy Department Announces $10 Million to Speed Enhanced Geothermal Systems into the Market

In support President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy, the Energy Department today announced $10 million to improve subsurface...

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Energy Department Announces $3 Million to Identify New Geothermal Resources

The U.S. Department of Energy today announced $3 million to spur geothermal energy development using play fairway analysis. This technique...

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Nevada Deploys First U.S. Commercial, Grid-Connected Enhanced Geothermal System

As part of the Obama Administration’s all-of-the-above energy strategy, the Energy Department recognized the nation’s first commercial enhanced...

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