Before applying to an EERE financial opportunity, potential applicants must complete specific registration requirements. Of the registrations listed below, the EERE Exchange registration does not have a delay; however, the remaining registration requirements could take several weeks to process and are necessary before a potential applicant can receive an award. To be eligible to receive federal funding, all potential applicants must ensure these registrations are current.

Recipients should start this process as soon as possible in order to expedite the execution of an award. Registration is typically only needed once, but requires renewal after a specified period of time. Obtaining a DUNS number and registering with SAM and FSRS could take several weeks.

EERE may not execute an award with a recipient until the registrations listed above are complete. In addition, recipients may not execute subrecipient agreements until those subawardees obtain a DUNS number and complete their SAM registration. Recipients are required to keep their registration and data current throughout the duration of the project.

Visit the Resources page for additional guidance on financial assistance process, regulations, and required forms. Also, learn about how EERE evaluates and negotiates applications and how to manage your award.