For all templates and guidance related to pre-award, including applying for and negotiating an award with EERE.

Award & Project Management

For templates and guidance related to award management & project reporting.

Accounting System Requirements, Audits, and Indirect Rates

These are forms related to Government Accounting Standards (GAS) and the requirements for an adequate accounting system, general audit types applied to Federal awards, and a sample format for the development of indirect cost billing rates. They are used as part of EERE's financial oversight process and include:

  • Accounting System Requirements (see document below)
  • Comparison of Audit Types (see document below)
  • Sample Indirect Rate Proposal (Pre-Award):  In order to ensure the Government only pays their fair share of overhead expenses, if there is a separate allocation of indirect cost billing rates, and there is no current Federal Rate Agreement, an indirect rate proposal (IRP) must be provided in support of the indirect costs proposed; and each year an incurred cost proposal (ICP) must be provided to reconcile indirect cost billing rates. The sample document provides for the DCAA “ICE” model (ICP), a Single Rate IRP, and a Two Rate IRP (see document below)

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Closeout & Post-Project

For templates and guidance related to the closeout of an award and post-project reporting requirements.

Closeout vs Post-Project Reporting Table




Final Scientific/Technical Report                 X  
Invention Certification (DOE F 2050.11)                 X  
Tangible Personal Property Report Suite:                 --                      --
                                                     *SF-428                 X                      X
                                                     *SF-428B                 X  
                                                     *SF-428C                        X
                                                     *SF-428S                 X                      X
Accepted Manuscript of Journal Article(s)                 X                      X
Conference Product(s)                 X                      X
Intellectual Property Reporting                        X
Invention Utilization Report                        X

Templates & Guidance

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