H2 Matchmaker is an online information resource to assist hydrogen suppliers and users with self-identifying collaborators and opportunities to expand development toward realizing regional hydrogen hubs.

A regional hydrogen hub is a network of hydrogen producers, potential or actual hydrogen consumers, and connective infrastructure located in close proximity.

H2 Matchmaker will:

  • Increase hydrogen and fuel cell regional project awareness for technology developers and suppliers.
  • Support private sector development of hydrogen production, storage, and transportation infrastructure and fuel cell deployment by region.
  • Facilitate regional business development opportunities by providing hydrogen supply and demand maps for current and planned projects.

H2 Matchmaker Self-Identification Form

To include your hydrogen activity or activities in H2 Matchmaker, please fill out the H2 Matchmaker form.

If your organization has many ongoing or planned activities (such as a network of fueling stations) that would be onerous to enter in the form, or if your activities are difficult to geolocate (such as a hydrogen pipeline), please email the H2 Matchmaker team at H2Matchmaker@ee.doe.gov.

This initiative is aligned with the Department of Energy's Carbon Matchmaker. Read more about Carbon Matchmaker.

H2 Matchmaker Interactive Map (Beta Version)

H2 Matchmaker is intended to help facilitate regional hydrogen team formation by allowing hydrogen producers, end-users, and other stakeholders to self-identify and align potential needs in specific geographic areas within the United States. All data presented on this map were self-reported by interested stakeholders and were not furnished by DOE. DOE does not recommend, endorse, or otherwise evaluate the qualifications or validity of any entities or data that were self-reported on this platform.

The H2 Matchmaker map (beta version) is under continuous development. Further changes may be incorporated in it to improve functionality and user experience.

See the H2 Matchmaker map user guide for more information about the map controls and content. 


To suggest specific improvements or best practices that may be implemented through H2 Matchmaker, or for questions about H2 Matchmaker, email the H2 Matchmaker team at H2Matchmaker@ee.doe.gov.