Advanced Water Splitting Materials Workshop

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The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Stanford University held the Advanced Water Splitting Materials Workshop on April 14–15, 2016, in Stanford, California. The workshop was supported by the DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Office and its purpose was to gather stakeholder input that will be foundational to the establishment of the DOE’s Energy Materials Network (EMN) consortium that will accelerate the research, development, and deployment of advanced water splitting technologies for renewable hydrogen production. The EMN consortium’s three constituent water splitting technologies included the advanced electrolysis, photoelectrochemical, and solar thermochemical hydrogen production pathways. Scientific experts in these technology areas came together with techno-economic analysis and life-cycle analysis experts to identify key materials metrics and targets essential to commercial viability. Workshop participants also mapped the resources and gaps in state-of-the art materials theory, computation, synthesis, characterization, analysis, and benchmarking tools as a foundation for developing an efficient and impactful advanced water splitting EMN consortium.

Report, Agenda, and Presentations