Join the April H2IQ Hour to hear an overview of the federal regulatory framework around hydrogen technologies in the United States. 

The application of hydrogen as an energy carrier has been expanding into industrial, power generation, and transportation sectors enabling sustainable energy resources and supporting a carbon-free energy system. The hydrogen supply infrastructure includes processes from production and storage, to transportation and distribution, to end use. Each portion of the hydrogen supply infrastructure is regulated by various regulations, codes, and standards by federal, state, and local entities.

Brian Ehrhart from Sandia National Laboratories will provide an overview of a recently published report that highlights some of the federal regulations that apply to hydrogen, including those that may indirectly cover hydrogen as an energy carrier participating in a sustainable, zero-emission global energy system. Additionally, the regulation enforcement entities are defined and a visual reference map is developed for the entire hydrogen value chain, which includes production, storage, distribution, and use. This "regulatory map" can be used as a reference to identify opportunities for federal coordination for future progress. 

The H2IQ Hour will include a 45-minute live presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A, and a recording of the H2IQ Hour will be available on the website after the event.

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