Federal Sustainability/Energy Scorecard Goals

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The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) supports federal agencies in meeting the goals outlined on the annual Office of Management (OMB) Scorecard on Sustainability/Energy.

This table offers an overview of the goals listed on the OMB scorecard. See the latest federal progress toward sustainability/energy goals,

Category Goal
Scope 1&2 GHG Emission Reduction Target 40% reduction compared with a 2008 baseline by 2025
Scope 3 GHG Emission Reduction Target 23.5% reduction compared with a 2008 baseline by 2025
Reduction in Energy Intensity 25% reduction in energy intensity in goal-subject facilities by 2025 compared with a 2015 baseline
Use of Renewable Energy 30% as a percentage of facility electricity use by 2025
Use of Clean Energy 25% as a percentage of building electric and thermal energy use by 2025
Reduction in Potable Water Intensity 36% reduction in potable water intensity by 2025 compared with a 2007 baseline
Reduction in Fleet GHG Emissions 30% reduction in vehicle fleet per-mile GHG emissions by 2025 relative to a 2014 baseline
Green Buildings Minimum of 15% (by number or total square footage) of the agencies’ existing buildings above 5,000 sq ft


For a comprehensive list of federal energy- and water-management regulations, visit FEMP's Federal Laws & Requirements Search tool. Training is also available.

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