Federal Distributed Energy Project Planning and Implementation

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The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provides federal agencies with information about planning and implementing distributed energy projects. Whether integrated into existing buildings or part of new construction, distributed energy projects help agencies meet federal laws and requirements and their renewable energy goals.

The following FEMP guides help agencies plan and implement distributed energy in major construction projects or distributed energy projects to existing buildings and facilities. Information about identifying projects and how FEMP uses REopt to screen federal project opportunities is also available.

Federal Renewable Energy Construction Projects

FEMP’s Guide to Integrating Renewable Energy in Federal Construction helps agencies plan and implement distributed energy technologies in new construction or major renovation projects.

Large-Scale Federal Distributed Energy Projects

Read the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Guide for comprehensive information about implementing projects larger than 10 megawatts, which are typically financed, planned, and implemented by private-sector contractors.

Small- to Medium-Scale Federal Distributed Energy Projects

Walk through the steps for implementing smaller projects, typically funded and managed by agencies through appropriations.

Need Assistance?

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Rachel Shepherd | U.S. Department of Energy | 202-586-9209

Andy Walker | National Renewable Energy Laboratory | 303-384-7531

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