Energy Incentive Programs, Alaska

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Updated June 2015

What public-purpose-funded energy efficiency programs are available in my state?

Alaska has no public-purpose-funded energy efficiency programs.

What utility energy efficiency programs are available to me?

There are currently no utility energy efficiency programs available to federal customers in Alaska.

What load management/demand response options are available to me?

Anchorage Municipal Light & Power has an interruptible rate available to customers with peak demands over 100 kW. In exchange for their willingness to be interrupted, customers on this tariff are not assessed a demand charge.

What distributed energy resource options are available to me?

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) provides information on programs that offer incentives for renewable distributed generation. The following programs may be of interest to federal customers.

  • Golden Valley Electric Association's Sustainable Natural Alternative Power (SNAP) program offers approximately $0.08/kWh for the output of customer-owned installations (up to 100 kW) using solar PV, wind, or other renewable sources. The rate changes quarterly so check site for the current rate.

  • The Alaska Energy Authority administers the Renewable Energy Grant Recommendation program, which the Alaska legislature authorized in 2008. Grant proposals for feasibility and reconnaissance studies, as well as design and construction work, are evaluated by the energy authority, which then makes recommendations to the Alaskan legislature for funding. See the program website for current solicitations.

Are there energy efficiency programs sponsored by the state government?

No state energy efficiency programs are currently available to federal customers.

What additional opportunities are available to me?

Federal customers whose utilities have area-wide contracts through GSA (such as Golden Valley Electric), may be able to take advantage of 3rd-party financed energy efficiency projects called utility energy services contracts (UESCs). Information is available in GSA's Energy Division Library. Federal facilities should contact their account executive to determine the level of each utility's participation.