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The Engage™ energy modeling tool makes cross-sectoral energy system planning and simulation easier and more accessible for anyone tasked with:

  • Planning electricity generation and transmission assets.
  • Analyzing the cost, land, and infrastructure implications of complex energy decisions.
  • Communicating the impacts of specific tactics for realizing energy goals
  • Identifying the most economic path to achieving energy sector transition

The no-cost, publicly available tool can model energy systems with high shares of variable generation, storage, and other generation.

The tool's integrated visualization capabilities let users view the results of modeled scenarios to understand better the tradeoffs and interdependencies involved in energy system transformations.

Engage Empowers More Users to Explore More Scenarios

Designed to expand access to capacity expansion and economic dispatch modeling, Engage enables more stakeholders to understand and engage in transformational energy decisions.

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) developed Engage in collaboration with the Hawaii State Energy Office (HSEO), with funding from DOE Energy Transitions Initiative and Solar Energy Technologies Office.

The initial effort focused on helping HSEO validate complex energy decisions. Current applications in Hawaii include modeling planning scenarios with:

  • Transportation—modeling different electric vehicle uptake and charging profiles as components of demand.
  • Retirement of fossil generation assets—modeling associated impacts on refineries as fossil fuel consumption decreases.
  • Energy efficiency—modeling the impacts of building efficiency measures on other sectors of the economy.

Engage has since expanded to make energy scenario planning accessible to other islands, states, territories, and communities. Read more about how the Engage Tool is used to support decision making on the NREL website.

Cloud-Based App Expands Engagement in Energy Planning

Built on a proven open-source energy modeling framework, Engage facilitates data management and collaboration via a user-friendly web application. Cloud-based data management enables even geographically dispersed team members to work together on shared models.

Built-in compatibility with visualization tools like the Hawaii Advanced Visualization Environment (HAVEN) makes the tool a valuable asset in generating visualizations of land use and other impacts of these and other strategic actions on the path to a new energy economy.


For more information about how Engage can help solve your energy transition challenges or advance your energy goals, contact eti@ee.doe.gov.