Sitka was selected during the first round of the Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project (ETIPP). 

Sitka is powered by seasonal lake hydropower and a diesel microgrid operated by a community-owned electric utility. Energy demands in Sitka are driven by high heating requirements, intensive hospital activities, and the seasonal fishing industry. ETIPP is developing a model and training materials for the Sitka grid, assessing energy potential from solar, wind and ocean sources, and evaluating green energy export options to help Sitka reduce its carbon footprint and optimize its microgrid.

Sitka, Alaska, Satellite Image

Technology/ies Explored: Hydropower, Rates/Tariffs, Wind 

Regional Partner(s): Renewable Energy Alaska Project 

Qualification: Remote community 

Project Updates:  

  • December 2021: Project scoping and planning in progress. 
  • April 2021: Sitka selected to participate in round 1 of ETIPP.  

Additional Resources

Press Release: DOE to Support 11 Remote and Island Communities Transitioning to Resilient Clean Energy Solutions