If you have questions about lab capabilities in a specific area of energy materials R&D, or if you have media questions related to a particular Energy Materials Network (EMN) consortium, please contact the appropriate EMN consortia below.

Consortium DOE Steering Committee POCs National Laboratory POCs
ChemCatBio Trevor Smith Josh Schaidle
Sonia Hammache Dan Ruddy
DuraMAT Inna Kozinsky Teresa Barnes
Lenny Tinker Anubhay Jain
Allan Ward Cliff Hansen
ElectroCat David Peterson Deborah Myers
William Gibbons Piotr Zeleny
McKenzie Hubert
H-Mat Neha Rustagi Kevin Simmons
Mark Richards Chris San Marchi
Nikkia McDonald
HydroGEN James Vickers Huyen Dihn
McKenzie Hubert Adam Weber
Anne Marie Esposito
HyMARC Zeric Hulvey Tom Gennett
Marika Wieliczko Mark Allendorf
LightMAT Felix Wu Tim Skszek
Sarah Kleinbaum
eXtremeMAT Bob Schrecengost David Alman
Edgar Lara-curzio
Laurent Capolungo


If you have questions about the EMN, please contact the Steering Committee Leadership:

Headshot of Eric Miller.
Eric Miller
Headshot of Nikkia McDonald
Nikkia McDonald
Headshot of Robert Natelson
Robert Natelson

EMN Legal Consultant: Glen Drysdale

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The Energy Materials Network (EMN) is an enduring community-of-practice that leverages the world-class capabilities and expertise of our national laboratories to dramatically decrease the time-to-market for advanced materials innovations critical to many clean energy technologies. Adopting a consortium approach to address specific clean energy priorities, EMN fosters accelerated materials research aimed at developing made-in-America products needed to meet our vital energy and environmental justice goals.