The Communications Team leads strategic communications and outreach activities for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) by ensuring that key information about the nature and impact of EERE activities is accessible, reliable, and delivered through multiple communications channels to stakeholders and the public.

Why it Matters

  • We manage and continually update the EERE web enterprise and its digital tools, including EERE's corporate website, the content on, and several other EERE sites. We ensure compliance with federal requirements and enable the broad distribution and management of content.
  • We lead the planning and execution of EERE's press and public announcements, media outreach, social media, multimedia activities, and major cross-cutting media communications campaigns to maximize impact.
  • We conduct consumer research, create cross-cutting outreach materials, and execute national informational campaigns to increase consumer adoption of energy-efficient and renewable technologies.
  • We develop, coordinate, and manage internal and external strategic messaging and cross-cutting EERE materials to ensure effective targeting and use by the EERE community, including EERE's senior leadership.
  • We lead EERE's internal communication activities that aim to ensure sufficient use of information flows across the EERE organization and engage staff on internal and external efforts of interest to the EERE community.
  • We respond to letters and inquiries from the public and congressional members and maintain comprehensive EERE publications.

To learn more about the Communications Team, see some examples of our work: