On December 6, 2012 the Department of Energy held an introductory webinar for the National Training & Education Resource (NTER). NTER is designed to revolutionize how online training and education is created, shared and delivered. As an open source platform, it serves learners by allowing them to acquire new skills at a time, place and pace that is convenient to them. Each agency, university or organization that participates in NTER gains access to the global network of resources and expands the learning community. NTER's tools enable collaboration, increase productivity and reduce costs. Using NTER, instructors and teachers can easily create traditional, multimedia and 3D-enabled courses for students. By providing authentic challenges in interactive 3D worlds, it can help extend the depth of learning and meet the needs of the diverse 21st-century workforce.

This webcast was held to provide an introduction to NTER, including how to create an account, how to expand and author material for NTER and enhancements for NTER. The webcast video is forthcoming.

NTER Webinar Presentation

For more information on NTER please visit www.nterlearning.org

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