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The STEM Spark Energy Education newsletter served as a one-stop shop for the latest education programs partnered with timely updates about technology innovation supported by the Department of Energy. The newsletter highlighted a technology office with educational resources to include lesson activity guides, Energy 101 videos, career maps as well as a calendar of education competitions, trainings and internships. The newsletter built on the pioneering work of the Energy Literacy Framework

August 2016 – Wind Energy 
September 2016 – Solar Energy 
October 2016 – Energy Action Month
November 2016 – Technology-to-Market
December 2016 – Advanced Manufacturing
January 2017 – Bioenergy
February 2017 – Hydrogen Fuel Cells
March 2017 – Weatherization
April 2017 – Geothermal
May 2017 – Electric Vehicles, Advanced Vehicle Technology
June 2017 – Building Technologies
July 2017 – Hydropower and Marine Energy

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