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Wind energy's contribution to U.S. electricity grows every year. Energy Department research says wind could provide up to 20% of the United States’ electricity mix by 2030 and 35% by 2050. As wind energy companies grow to reach this potential—and to meet America’s demand for clean, renewable energy—wind energy is expected to provide 230,000 jobs in less than 15 years! According to current data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest-growing job title in the country is “wind turbine technician.” But this is just the start, with other wind-related careers in research, engineering, business, and more.

Wind Energy Career Map

The Wind Career Map enables users to explore various jobs in the wind industry, describes what employers look for, and shows potential routes to career advancement.


Wind Energy Education and Training Programs

Learn more about wind energy education and training programs in the United States at community colleges, universities and other institutions. There are currently almost 200 locations identified and more are being added. 

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