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Increase your Energy IQ! EnergyTalks presentations provide in-depth explanations of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) programs by energy specialists. Each 10-20 minute presentation highlights an aspect of our revolutionary impact on energy innovation. The complexity and breadth of this work is world-renowned and recorded on video. 

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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Talks - Solar Power across America
Charlie Gay, Director of the Solar Energy Technology Office, discusses "Solar Power across America."
Energy Talks - Waste to Infrastructure: A Bright Future through Performance Contracting
Leslie Nicholls, Acting Director of the Federal Agency Management Program discusses Performance Contracting. 
Energy Talks - Energy Efficiency Makes Great Reality TV
Maria Vargas, Director of the Better Buildings Challenge, talks about combining energy efficience and reality TV.
Energy Talks - Why Wind Matters for a Resilient Future
José Zayas, Director of the Wind Energy Technologies Office, shares DOE's perspective on "Why Wind Matters for a Resilient Future" 

Fossil Energy

Energy Talks - Lifecycle of Oil: Geology Rocks!
Energy Talks - Lifecycle of Oil: Geology Rocks!
Energy Talks - 8,000 Feet Below: Gaining Better Understanding of Subsurface & Hydraulic Fracturing
8,000 Feet Below: Gaining a Better Understanding of the Subsurface and Hydraulic Fracturing