Wonders of Water (14 activities)

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K-4, 5-8


Energy Basics, Water


An inquiry-based curriculum that introduces scientific concepts of electricity, water, and hydropower to elementary students with the following activities:

  • Introduction to Energy
  • Forms of Energy
  • Sources of Energy
  • Introduction to Electricity
  • Learning about Electricity
  • Electromagnetism and the Science of Electricity Model
  • Introduction to Water
  • Land and Water, Part 1
  • Land and Water, Part 2
  • Water as an Energy Source
  • Water Can Do Work
  • Force of Water
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydropower
  • Future of Hydropower

Science, Social Studies, Language Arts

Plan Time

Four weeks: twenty-one 30-minute class periods


Handouts and other materials needed detailed within curriculum guide.


Standards are listed at the beginning of the curriculum guide.


The NEED Project

Lesson Plans/Activity

Wonders of Water (14 activities): Teacher Guide
Wonders of Water (14 activities): Student Guide