Learning and Conserving (10 activities)

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5-8, 9-12


Energy Basics, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Energy Choices and Society


These activities explore energy use and conservation using the school as a learning laboratory:

  • Introducing the Unit
  • Reading Meters and Utility Bills
  • The Facts of Light
  • Lighting Investigations
  • Electrical Devices and Their Impacts
  • EnergyGuide Labels
  • Kill A WattTM Investigations
  • School Building Survey
  • School Energy Consumption Survey
  • Energy Management Plan Project

Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts, Technology

Plan Time

Seven 45 minute class periods, plus out-of-class research and homework


Handouts and other materials needed detailed within curriculum guide.


Standards are listed at the beginning of the curriculum guide.


The NEED Project

Lesson Plans/Activity

Learning and Conserving (10 activities): Teacher Guide
Learning and Conserving (10 activities): Student Guide