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Energy Efficiency and Conservation


Students will work in pairs or small groups to apply knowledge of energy-wise habits to evaluate energy use in their school and make recommendations for improved efficiency. Students will create and use an energy audit tool to collect data and present recommendations to their class. Further communication at the school and district level is encouraged.


Math, Social Studies, Communications

Plan Time

Two class periods


Handout included; cameras (optional but preferable)


National Standards: 9-12

  • SEC-E: 1.a. Identify a problem or design an opportunity.
  • SEC-E: 1.b. Propose designs and choose between alternative solutions.
  • SEC-E: 1.e. Communicate the problem, process, and solution.
  • SEC-F: 6.a. Science and technology can indicate what can happen, not what should happen. The latter involves human decisions about the use of knowledge.
  • SEC-F: 6.b. Understanding basic concepts and principles of science and technology should precede active debate about the economics, policies, politics, and ethics of various science and technology related challenges. However, understanding science alone will not resolve local, national, and global challenges.

National Energy Foundation

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