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5-8, 9-12


Wind Energy


This plan shows how to make a rugged and inexpensive classroom wind turbine that can be used for lab bench-based blade design experiments. While a few specialized parts are needed (a hub and DC motor), the rest of the components are easily found at most hardware stores.


Technology, Science

Plan Time

1-2 class periods

  • Six 6” PVC pipe
  • One 3” PVC pipe
  • One 24” PVC pipe
  • Five 1” 90° pipe fittings
  • One 1” PVC coupler
  • Three 1” Ts pipe fittings (1 drilled)
  • One hub material (wood circle)
  • Tinkertoy
  • One DC motor with wires and alligator clips (about 1” in diameter)
  • PVC cutter or saw
  • Soldering iron
  • Wire
  • Duct tape

National Standards: 5-8

  • INT-A: 2.a. Different kinds of questions require different kinds of scientific investigations, including observing and describing, collecting, experimentation, research, discovery, and making models.
  • INT-E: 1.a. Identify appropriate problems for technological design.
  • INT-E: 1.b. Design a solution or product.
  • INT-E: 1.c. Implement a proposed design.
  • INT-E: 1.d. Evaluate completed technological designs or products.
  • INT-E: 1.e. Communicate the process of technological design.

Kidwind Project

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