Conditions and Requirements

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Conditions and requirements for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Postdoctoral Research Awards are spelled out below:

Length of the Appointment

The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Postdoctoral Research Awards are for two years. The initial appointment period for the EERE Postdoctoral Research Awards is one year. Appointments may be extended for a second year contingent upon the continued relevance of the research to the EERE Program's goals and mission. Additionally, extension is contingent upon the continued availability of funds and your ability to continually meet the program terms and conditions.

Appointment Start Date

Upon approval from the research mentor, the participant's appointment may start within a few weeks from the date he/she has been notified of the award. Preferably, appointments will start before January 30, 2019. Exceptions will be considered for applicants with previous commitments. All contingencies of an appointment offer must be met before the selected applicant can begin an appointment.

Conditions of the Award

  • Participants will become administratively associated with Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) through a letter of appointment and Terms of Appointment.
  • Participants will be required to sign and abide by the appointment letter, the Terms of Appointment, and other documents required by EERE.
  • Participants will be considered participants in an education program and will not enter into an employer/employee relationship with Department of Energy, ORISE, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), host facility, or any other office or agency. No commitment with regards to future employment should be inferred or expected by the offer or acceptance of an Award. ORISE is managed by ORAU for the Department of Energy.
  • Participants will be required to commit to continuous resident participation for the duration of the appointment and to avoid obligations that will interrupt their research during the term of appointment.
  • Participants will be expected to maintain a full-time schedule during the appointment except for normal holidays recognized by the host facility and authorized vacation approved by the research mentor.
  • Participants will be expected to adhere to the existing research facility laws, policies, and procedures, including standards of competency, conduct, appearance, and integrity.
  • Appointments are contingent on the participant's receipt of the necessary security clearance to access the assigned research facilities.During the appointment, the participant may not provide services for compensation to a third party.
  • Awards, prizes, review panel honoraria, scholarships, Veterans Administration benefits, sabbatical leave, and any other payments may be accepted by an EERE participant provided that these payments do not represent dual payment for the same activity.
  • Participants are not allowed to supplement their stipends through simultaneous employment, grants, or other sources of income that compete with the Award activities. During their appointments, participants shall only perform research related to the core and innovation projects stated in the proposal submitted with the EERE application.
  • Participants will be expected to focus on the research proposed in the EERE application and publish the results in peer-reviewed journals. While participants are encouraged to contribute to the development of research proposals, participants shall not be required to generate or to submit proposals to secure funds to facilitate the research proposed on the application.Since the participant will not have an institution affiliation (an institution is needed for proposal submission and funds administration), in order to submit a proposal, the participants must list the research mentor as the official principal investigator and the host facility should administer the funds. The funds cannot be used to supplement the participant's EERE stipend.
  • Participants must acknowledge the support of EERE on publications and presentations that are related to the research conducted during the appointment and to provide a copy of such publications to EERE and ORISE. Pursuant to Title 35 U.S. Code, Section 212, no provision of the ORISE Terms of Appointment or any other document to be completed by a participant may contain any provision giving ORISE any rights to inventions made by the participant. However, host facilities may have different interests in this regard and may impose additional requirements as a condition to conduct research at the facility.
  • Participants are expected to comply with the policies of the host facility regarding the intellectual property rights and dissemination of research information.By accepting an Award, participants agree to respond to future inquiries by ORISE concerning their participation in the EERE Postdoctoral Research Awards program.

Extension of the Research Award – Second Year

The extension of the Research Award for a second year will require participants to continue the research plan included in the application and progress reports (see Progress and Final Reports for additional information about this requirement).
The extension of the appointment will be subject to satisfactory progress toward completion of the research plan including milestones detailed in the research proposal and progress reports, continued relevance to the research goals of the EERE Program sponsoring the Research Award, and availability of funds.
Final decisions regarding the extension of the Research Award for a second year will be made by the participant's research mentor and the EERE Program sponsoring the Award.

Progress and Final Reports

Appointment PeriodProgress Report DueNotes
A table showing the due dates for progress reports.
First Year6, 9, and 12 monthsPreliminary decisions regarding the second year of funding will be made based on the information provided on the 6-months report. This report will be reviewed by the EERE Program sponsoring the Award and the research mentor to determine if the participant is making satisfactory progress towards completion of the research plan and is meeting the Award requirements.
Participants will receive confirmation of the second year of funding after submission of the 9-months report. Final decisions regarding the second year of funding will be made by the EERE Program sponsoring the Award and the research mentor.
Second Year18 and 24 monthsThe final report and feedback survey are due prior to the completion of the appointment.
The Final Report should summarize the research accomplishments during the Award period.
Participants will be asked to provide feedback on their experience as EERE participants, the EERE Postdoctoral Research Awards, and activities related to their participation to help EERE assess the effectiveness of the program and participant-related processes.

Annual Research Meeting

  • The EERE Postdoctoral Award recipients will be required to attend and present their research at the next Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) Portfolio Review and interact with the DOE SETO community. Travel and accommodations for the meeting will be provided by the EERE Program sponsoring the Awards.
  • During this meeting, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about DOE, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and the agencies affiliated with EERE, and to meet with and present their research to other EERE participants, EERE staff, and representatives from DOE national laboratories and other research facilities supporting the EERE research mission.
  • The Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) will arrange opportunities for the Postdoctoral Award recipients to meet with DOE and national labs in the years in which the SETO Peer Review does not take place.

Research Data Agreement

  • By accepting the EERE Research Awards, a participants agrees to the following:
  • Provide EERE and/or the host facility, in written form, any and all technical data produced or generated during the course of the appointment in whatever form it may be recorded. If not recorded or written, the participants shall (upon request) provide EERE or the host facility a written report of any technical data whatsoever generated by the participant during the course of his or her appointment. EERE, the host facility, and/or the Government of the United States shall have the right to use, duplicate or disclose such technical data, in whole or in part, in any manner and for any purpose whatsoever and to permit others to do so.
  • Respect any and all limitations to access to any restricted data or other classified information, proprietary information, or any other technical data that are privileged or confidential, which he or she receives, or in any way obtains access to, during or as a result of the appointment. The unauthorized disclosure of or failure to safeguard such information may subject the participant to civil and/or criminal liability under applicable laws of the United States.
  • "Technical data" means recorded information, regardless of form or characteristic, of a scientific or technical nature. Technical data does not include financial reports, costs analyses, or other information incidental to contract administration. Examples of technical data include research and engineering data, engineering drawings and associated lists, specifications, standards, process sheets, manuals, technical reports, catalog item identification, and related information.