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Lead Communications Specialist, EERE Communications

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Meet Johanna Wolfson: New Tech-to-Market Director Dedicated to Moving EERE Innovation into the Marketplace
March 10, 2016

Dr. Johanna Wolfson has big plans for EERE’s Technology-to-Market program. Wolfson, who has extensive experience developing pathways to...

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National Geographic Hosts the Energy Department's STEM Mentoring Café for Students
February 24, 2016

What will motivate America’s youth to reach for high-demand jobs in growing industry sectors? By sharing the excitement of cutting-edge careers in...

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Reinventing the National Power Grid
January 22, 2016

America’s power grid – while reliable today – needs a 21st century facelift, not only to accommodate the nation’s unfolding economic and security...

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Lab-Corps Initiative Moves High-Impact Innovations into the Marketplace
October 23, 2015

A new innovation pathway is gaining ground –- one that corrals the brightest minds in the nation to bring select breakthrough clean energy...

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Pilgrim's Progress: An Update on Geothermal Potential in Alaska
November 20, 2014

A resource in central Alaska is showing promise for geothermal development—the renewable energy that draws on Earth’s natural heat for electricity...

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Hands-On Lessons in Clean Energy
December 24, 2013

Members of the Energy Department’s Education & Workforce Development team recently visited a middle school in Maryland to teach students about...

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