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10 Facts to Know About Data Centers
November 17, 2014

Data centers come in all shapes and sizes. Many are embedded within multi-use buildings. Some are small enough to be tucked away in closets, while...

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Revving up Energy Efficiency at the Cummins Plant in Jamestown, NY
November 14, 2014

Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge partner, Cummins Inc., is recognized for achieving 33% energy savings as a result of infrastructure...

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Better Buildings Summit: Partners Highlight Solutions, Innovations, and Opportunities
June 13, 2014

Find out how organizations throughout America are improving the economy and the environment through energy efficiency.

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Better Buildings Challenge is Expanding, Improving Energy Efficiency Throughout America
December 5, 2013

With more than 120 participants, the Energy Department’s Better Buildings Challenge is making America more sustainable by transforming how...

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Leading by Example: Better Buildings Challenge Partners Cut Energy Use
May 22, 2013

Learn how energy efficiency improvements are helping Better Buildings Challenge partners save money and improve their energy intensity.

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Better Buildings Initiative Highlights First-Year Successes
December 11, 2012

Market leaders across the country are driving greater energy efficiency, and the ingenuity they are using is saving them hundreds of thousands of...

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Showcasing California Better Buildings Challenge Partners’ Energy Saving Solutions
August 28, 2012
A tour of three building upgrades highlights innovative approaches to energy efficiency solutions.
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Better Buildings Challenge Continues to Grow
June 18, 2012

Last week at the 23rd Annual Energy Efficiency Forum, the Energy Department welcomed six new companies into the Better Buildings Challenge.

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Better Buildings Challenge Partners Pledge 20 Percent Energy Drop By 2020
November 9, 2011

Lend Lease in South Carolina has committed to reducing its consumption by at least 20 percent within the next five years for its Military Housing...

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