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Alana Duerr is an Ocean Engineer supporting the Wind and Water Power Technologies Office (WWPTO) at DOE. Alana utilizes her background in ocean engineering by provide subject matter expertise to the various offshore wind activities within the office, including the $168M Offshore Wind Advanced Technologies Demonstration Projects, the offshore wind lidar buoy program, as well as research awards with industry leaders and offshore wind initiatives with the national labs. 

Growing up among the hydrokinetic dams of Washington State, Alana had an early interest in renewable energy which grew during her educational pursuits and led her to her current position at DOE. Alana joined WWPTO in 2013 as a NOAA John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow after wrapping up her graduate studies. After concluding her year-long fellowship, Alana was brought on as a contractor to continue to support WWPTO. Before joining WWPTO, Alana received her B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute, and her Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University where she studied the resource potential of the Florida Current for marine hydrokinetic turbines.  

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Wind Measurement Buoy Advances Offshore Wind Energy
December 7, 2015

A next-generation buoy will provide unprecedented information on offshore wind patterns, making it possible to harness wind power in entirely new...

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Thanks to Energy Department Funding, Safer Access to Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms is Demonstrated
August 17, 2015

DOE funding has helped improve worker safety on offshore wind turbines. Industry partners have created a new type of ladder designed to be safer,...

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