The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Web Governance Team (WGT) reviews and approves all new EERE web projects, redesigns, and user-experience projects. The WGT also has the final approval to send all web projects live. The team is made up of key individuals from the EERE Communications Team, including the Web Project Manager, Template Coordinator, and the EERE Technical Lead.

What Does the Web Governance Team Do?

The WGT ensures that EERE's websites meet organizational policies, goals, user needs, branding and content standards, and technical requirements. It also makes certain that all federal and DOE policies are being met.

The WGT works closely with web project teams to help them navigate requirements and approvals so they can have a successful project.

When the project is completed, the WGT reviews it and provides final go-live approval. All EERE web projects must be approved before they can be sent live.

The WGT meets by phone every Thursday at 8 a.m. Mountain Time (10 a.m. Eastern Time.) Contact the Web Governance Team Facilitator before noon on Wednesday to get on that week's schedule.

Teams should plan to meet with the WGT at least three times. See the Process and Approvals page for more information.

What Does the Web Governance Team Review?

The WGT reviews:

  • New web projects, including websites or nested groups (subsites), web applications, mobile applications, native mobile apps, widgets, scripts, new content types in the CMS, or special features
  • Redesigns of existing websites and applications
  • User-experience projects, such as surveys or user experience studies.

The WGT does not review everyday maintenance work. You do not need the WGT's approval to add or delete content on your websites. The WGT does not need to approve new content pages, but if you want to add new navigation, please send your request directly to the EERE Template Coordinator.

If you're not sure if your project needs to be brought to the WGT, ask the Web Governance Team Facilitator.