The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) logos, seals, and identifiers are meant for official use only. If your company is not part of DOE, you must request permission to use these images on your products.

Every usage of the DOE or EERE identifiers, logos, or seal must be reviewed and explicitly approved by the authorized DOE official. Details on how to submit a request are outlined below. If use is permitted, outside organizations must use the logo, seal, or identifier with qualifying language that explains their presence on non-DOE materials. These images cannot be used in any way that implies that DOE endorses a private company, service, or product. The images may not be changed, distorted, or otherwise altered in any manner. There is a Code of Federal Regulations regarding the DOE graphical identifier on the Government Printing Office website.

Requesting Permission to Use Branding Materials

You must request permission to use the DOE or EERE logo, seal, or identifier on any non-DOE product. This process could take several days depending on how the images will be used and the availability of the authorities involved.

This process is faster and easier when the DOE Office you're working with submits the information below. It is possible for an outside organization to submit a request, though these may take longer and be harder to process.

Start the process by sending the following information to Scott Minos:

  1. What office is supporting this effort? Please include the Program name and the contact information of your DOE or EERE point of contact.

    We ultimately need to get input from a federal employee, but you can provide us with whatever contact information you have.  This person will be contacted to ensure the office is comfortable with the way you're proposing using their branding.

  2. Please explicitly describe how you will use the images. We need to clearly understand the specifics of exactly how and where they will be used for every time the images are used. Please provide:
    • Mockups, if possible
    • Where will it be used
    • How will it be used
    • The information with which the images will be associated
    When describing how the images will be used, please remember that most external uses of our images need qualifying wording to explain why it is there. It's common to include text such as "Funding provided by" or "Support provided by." It must be clear why the images are being used. They cannot give the appearance that DOE is endorsing a private company, service, or product.
  3. What is the association between EERE and this external entity and why should the images be used on this product? Please provide a brief summary, but include enough detail that a reviewer can understand the relationship between this external usage and DOE.
  4. Is there any urgency to this request? When do you need to hear from us? We will work the review process as fast as possible, but please try to allow at least several days for your request to be processed.
  5. Who are you and what is your involvement with this request? Who do we contact with further questions?  Please include full information such as your title, organization, involvement with the project, and involvement with EERE.

Once we have your initial responses they will be reviewed and the process started. You will be contacted if further information is required.