These standards are required when coding title tags on websites and applications outside the Drupal environment.

About Title Tags

Title tags provide titles for Web pages. These titles appear on printed Web pages, display in the title bar of browser windows, appear in bookmark and navigation lists, and serve as captions for search engine results.

They are also important in search engine rankings.

General guidance for title tags is provided below. For more information or for specific questions about your site, please contact theĀ EERE Search Specialist.

Website Title Tags

Standard website home pages should include "EERE:" before the site name and "Home Page" at the end. All other pages should begin with the program name followed by a colon or dash and then the header text for that page.

<title>EERE: Communication Standards and Guidelines Home Page</title>
<title>EERE Communication Standards and Guidelines: About</title>

Subsite Title Tags

Subsites are subsets of larger websites. Subsite home pages should include the name of the program followed by a colon, then the subsite name. All other pages should begin with the subsite name followed by a colon, and then the header text for that page.

<title>Building Technologies Office: EnergyPlus Energy Simulation Software</title>
<title>EnergyPlus Energy Simulation Software: About EnergyPlus</title>