Use these quality assurance (QA) checklists to ensure your audio files, flash animations, podcasts, and videos meet all Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) standards.

For more information, see the EERE standards for multimedia applications.

Requirement Standard
The files are in MP3 format.
A link to download the audio file is included.
Section 508 All audio files include a text version.
Requirement Standard
All links within the application work properly.
Section 508 The screen does not flash more than three times in one second.
Section 508 The animation has a text version.
Audio does not play automatically and offers user controls.
Section 508 Colors provide sufficient contrast.
Section 508 Color is not used as the only way to convey information.
Section 508 Animations do not override the user's individual display attributes.
Section 508 Assistive technology can track focus and focus changes.
Section 508 Interaction controls are accessible from the keyboard.
Section 508 Labels or instructions are provided when user input is required.
Section 508 Instructions do not rely solely on sensory characteristics such as shape, size, visual location, orientation, or sound.
Download links to any plug-ins or applications that are required to interpret the content is provided.
The web page that contains your animation is usable when the script is turned off.
Animations work on all every browser in EERE's browser testing suite.
Section 508 When a timed response is required, the user is alerted and given sufficient time to indicate more time is required.


Requirement Standard
The podcasts follow the video or audio standards, depending on which are applicable.
Past episodes of the podcast are available in an archive.

If the video is on the DOE YouTube Channel:

Requirement Standard
Section 508 The video is captioned.
Section 508 The video has a text version.

If the video is hosted on EERE's servers:

Requirement Standard
The video is in .MP4 format, unless otherwise approved.
Section 508 The video is captioned.
Section 508 The video has a text version.
The video is embedded directly on a web page.