Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other commercial search engines index your PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and the pages that link to your files.  Follow these best practices for optimizing PDFs and native files for commercial search engines. Documents can be added by choosing Content > Add Media in the top menu, or by choosing to add a media item within the layout builder on the page.


Add the title that appears in the document to the name field in the file properties. Commercial search engines will display the title in search results.


Create a unique, meaningful description of the content and add it to the subject field in the file properties. Include terms used in the document. 

To save space, descriptions may be written as phrases instead of complete sentences. 

  • Information on …
  • Includes …

Commercial search engines may display the description in search results. Articles (formerly Download nodes)

Use the same titles and descriptions on your article page (converted from download pages with the Drupal 8 migration). See requirements for articles.

For questions about search optimization, contact the EERE search engine optimization specialist.