These HTML syntax standards are required on websites and applications outside the Drupal environment.

If your website is in the Drupal environment, you do not need to check your HTML syntax. This is managed automatically by the Drupal content management system.

Creating Compliant Code

EERE HTML syntax follows HTML5 Standards. If you want to create code that is compliant with EERE's technical standards, follow these guidelines:

  • Special characters should be encoded using character entity references. See the Web Standards Project for more information.
  • All HTML document syntax must be validated by the W3C's validator.
  • Do not use deprecated tags.
  • Be sure all documents are well-formed (properly nested).
  • Close all HTML elements (<p> </p>).

Best Practices

These guidelines will improve the accessibility of your web pages.

  • Use header labels (h1–h6) to indicate content hierarchy.
  • Use semantic markup (such as <section>, <nav>, <article>, <aside>, <header>, and <footer>) to define different sections of the page.