Below is the text version for "How to use Survey Gizmo" video.

(The opening screen shows a back-end administrator screen used to create and format survey questions.)

Survey Gizmo is an online survey tool that can help us understand more about the different audience groups that visit our sites. More so than any other data collection method, online surveys help us build a picture of who our site visitors are by tying those visitors to particular tasks that our visitors want to accomplish—this is not something you can do with Web analytics data alone.

Creating and editing your survey is simple. First choose the type of question that you want to ask.

(Presenter selects the "radio buttons (single-select") option under "Choose a question type.")

Then type or paste in your question.

(Presenter pastes in a sample question under "What question are you going to ask?")

Finally, add your answers.

(Presenter types Yes/No in answer options box.)

When you're done, select Add Question. Voila!

(Screen appears showing the new question and answer options in its final form.)

(The screen changes to show the "Reports" interface. Report options for the survey example are displayed. )

Survey Gizmo collects and aggregates your data for you automatically, and it offers a series of advanced features for analyzing the data, which saves a lot of time and expense.  For example, this tool lets you run reports on sections of your data, allows you to cross reference questions easily, and creates charts.

These are the results from our Industrial Technologies Program audience survey.

Let's say I wanted to know how users who identified themselves as manufacturers answered the rest of the survey questions.

(Presenter clicks on the "View" link for a report called "Copy of Role: Manufacturing" which opens a new window.)

I can run a custom report to get at this information. The report includes pie charts and graphs that are specific to this particular audience segment.

(Screen shows survey questions with colorful pie charts and tables detailing the distribution of answers for each.)

(Presenter closes window and goes back to main "Reports" screen.)

Survey Gizmo also allows you to cross-tabulate questions easily. Say I want to know how frequently each audience is visiting the site.

(Presenter clicks on the "View" link for report option "Cross tab: organization x visit frequency.")

I can run a cross-tabulation report to learn more about this.

(New window appears showing cross tabulation results, that is, survey questions with a breakdown of answers by responder role.)

At a glance, I can learn, for example, that most of the manufacturers are visiting for the first time, 63%. But consultants tend to visit more frequently. Information like this might impact how I choose to display information for particular audiences on my site.

In addition to the reporting capabilities that we talked about, Survey Gizmo offers a number of other advanced features, including the ability to combine data from multiple reports and the ability to segment data by referring URL.

When you're ready to use this tool to do a survey on your site, please contact EERE's Web Usability Coordinator and we'll get you started on your way.