Learn about the paragraph module types available in the Energy.gov Drupal content management system (CMS) for Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) websites.

Paragraph modules have been an integral part of the Drupal CMS, though the migration to Drupal 8 changed the way CMS users create content. These changes affected content types, paragraph types, and media types. Some of the biggest changes include replacing paragraphs with blocks, updating some content types to media types, and changing a few paragraph types to media types.

Through the layout builder in Drupal 8, you can still add paragraph references to a page, article or other content type. When choosing a paragraph reference block, you can add these different elements (note that the CMS user guide pages linked here must be viewed within the Drupal CMS):

Images and videos are now added as "Media" rather than through paragraph types as in the previous Drupal version. You can add them by going to Content > Add Media > Image (or Video) in the top menu, or you can upload an image directly onto a page after choosing to add a media item within the layout mode.

When you add a basic block, media item, or paragraph reference within the layout mode, you also have an option to add a heading for it in the configuration window that comes up (so headings are not a separate paragraph type as they were previously).

The multicolumn paragraph type has been replaced with the option to add a section in the layout mode, and from there you can choose one, two, three or four columns with varying column widths / configurations.

Note that to add an accordion or tabs to a page, create a section within the layout mode and use the menu in the right column to configure.