Learn about the standard page types available in the Energy.gov Drupal content management system (CMS) for Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) websites.

For information about other available page types, contact the Site Coordinators.


Article pages are used for timely information, such as news stories and blog posts. Articles typically display the date when the article was published and information about the author.

When writing article titles and summaries for article pages, please keep in mind how they will look in the dynamic listing paragraph module. The character limit for titles and summaries is 150 characters, but the recommended length depends on which listing paragraph you want to use:

  • For listing paragraph modules with horizontal lists that display the title, summary, and date:
    • Short title: 95 characters. Please use acronyms when applicable.
    • Summary: 120 characters. If the summary is not a complete sentence, the summary will have an ellipsis.
  • For listing paragraph modules with horizontal lists that display the title, summary, date, and a photo:
    • Short title: 50 characters.
    • Summary: 75 characters. If the summary is more than 100, it will be 3-4 lines of text and add an ellipsis.

Note that the font is much smaller in this listing style type due to the image.

All users can create article pages.


Contributor pages are used for two purposes:

Special permissions are required to create contributor pages. If you need a contributor page, ask the Site Coordinators to develop one. Always check that an individual does not already have a contributor page before requesting a new one.


You need to create download pages in order to post PDFs, Excel files, PPTs, or other native file types.

Download pages should have clearly written text that explains the files available on the page.

When you upload a file to a Download page, the default link text will be the file's file name. You can customize that link text by:

  1. Uploading a PDF by selecting the button under "FILES."
    • If the file has already been uploaded, go to "Edit Media."
  2. Entering a descriptive file name under "Add or Edit the Link Text."

Follow these best practices when developing download pages:

A single download page can list several files. If you have a large number of related files, you can list them all on a single download page.

All users can create download pages.


Event pages list upcoming events and their dates, times, and event information. All users can create event pages.

External Resource

Some paragraph types (such as listing paragraphs) cannot link to URLs outside of the Energy.gov website. Instead, you will need to create an external resource page for that external link, and then link these paragraph types to the external resource page instead of the external URL.

All users can create external resources.


Pages are standard content pages. All users can create pages.