Energy Saver is the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's (EERE's) consumer resource for saving energy at home. Below are the identifiers for Energy Saver, as well as guidance for use. You will be prompted to create a login in the Communication Standards Asset Management System and your account will need to be approved by the EERE Publications Manager before you can download these files.

Several options are available when using the Energy Saver logo, including options with and without words. Several colors are available as well, including green for general, year-round use and blue and yellow options for seasonal content.

Energy Saver logo in green. A white house with a plug leading into it, inside of a green circle.

Standard green logo without words.

Energy Saver logo in gray, without words

Gray option; inside box.

Green Energy Saver logo with words and house

Logo with words and image of home and electrical plug.

Energy Saver logo with green house and text reversed.

Logo with green house and text reversed.