The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's (EERE) Product Governance Team (PGT) reviews and approves publications, exhibits, infographics, logos and templates for all EERE communications products.

Publications Manager Scott Minos manages the product review process. His colleagues from EERE Communications and communications leads from the technical offices also provide expertise when needed.

Communication leads or support staff should submit products for PGT approval to the EERE Comms mail box. Scott or another designated PGT member will provide final publishing approval, which is required for ALL publications and logos. 

Product Review Process Roles and Responsibilities

  • EERE Product Governance Team: Accountable for ensuring that EERE develops high quality, well-targeted, current, and identifiable materials that are appropriately disseminated and updated. Can be reached via the EERE Comms mailbox.
  • Subject Matter Expert: May or may not be involved in the PGT process. Develops the product's content and ensures it aligns with both the goals of EERE and the respective EERE office.
  • EERE Office, Contractor, or Laboratory Requestor and Communications Lead: Responsible for coordinating with the EERE Office Communications Lead prior to requesting PGT approval to ensure the product fits into office's communications strategy. Responsible for implementing the project and meeting EERE requirements as outlined in the Quality Assurance Checklist.
  • EERE Office Communications Lead: Coordinates with the PGT for their office products and articulates how each product fits into the office’s communications strategy. Responsible for ensuring the product adheres to EERE identity and content requirements as outlined in the Quality Assurance Checklist before the product is submitted for PGT review.