Here you'll find the requirements and best practices for creating and maintaining an Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) blog.


These are the requirements for developing a blog.

Blog Hosting and Design

For security purposes, all blogs are hosted in's Drupal environment.

All blogs will be designed in the template.

By default, blogs in do not have comments. If you feel it's important for your readers to be able to comment on your content, contact the Web Governance Team.

Oversight of EERE Blogs

EERE's Office Directors must be aware of all blogs within their jurisdiction and assure the appropriateness and quality of the content being posted on them.

Office Directors should:

  • Know how much time is invested regularly in their office's blogs
  • Hold quarterly reviews of the content to make sure it is appropriate and accurate
  • Periodically review all blogs to determine if they are active and still relevant.

Best Practices

This section lists the best practices for maintaining a blog on EERE.

Content and Professionalism

Blogs should be accurate, fair, and unbiased.

All communication should be professional and courteous. Blogs must fit the mission of EERE and not interfere with the primary mission of the organization. Any EERE staff or contractor who participates in an EERE blog, whether by posting content or leaving a comment, should:

  • Limit blogging to factual issues (research and development topics, etc.), rather than in-depth discussion of administration or departmental policy
  • Avoid discussion of confidential information
  • Use professional standards in language and decorum
  • Withhold personal opinions on office, departmental, and administration policy
  • Assure that all content is accurate, and inform readers if content is changed, updated, or corrected
  • Be aware that bloggers represent the U.S. Department of Energy with their posts.