Cities Leading through Energy Analysis and Planning

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The Cities Leading through Energy Analysis and Planning (Cities-LEAP) project delivers standardized, localized energy data and analysis that enables cities to lead clean energy innovation and integrate strategic energy analysis into decision making.

Cities-LEAP supports the widespread implementation of city-sponsored data-driven energy policies, programs, and projects that have the potential to drive a sea change in the national energy landscape. Through the Cities-LEAP resources below, cities can

  • Set climate or energy goals
  • Prioritize and implement energy strategies
  • See the impacts of potential climate or energy action plans
  • Learn from peers about city energy planning best practices
  • Get access to credible data and transparent, usable analytic methodologies
  • Make data-driven energy decisions.

Cities-LEAP suggests cities use the following resources as part of their energy planning process:

Cities-LEAP Resources for City Energy Planning

Estimating the National Carbon Abatement Potential of City Policies: A Data-Driven Approach
Read the report and summaries detailing how commonly implemented city actions can reduce U.S. carbon emissions.
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City-Level Energy Decision Making: Data Use in Energy Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation in U.S. Cities
Read a report analyzing data such as utility type, vehicle use, and median household income from a sample of 20 cities across the United States.
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City Energy Profiles
Get comprehensive energy use and activity data that can help your city plan and implement clean energy projects.
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Local Energy Action Toolbox
The Local Energy Action Toolbox provides a cataloged list of resources to help local communities make strategic energy decisions.
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City Energy: From Data to Decisions
See case studies demonstrating how cities have used Cities-LEAP data and analysis to inform their city energy planning.
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Energy Department Awards Nearly $1.3 Million to Encourage Data-Driven Local Energy Planning; Releases Research Results
Read the Energy Department press release announcing three Cities-LEAP awardees to play a key role in developing data-driven energy decision making.
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Landscape of Local Energy Programs & Local Energy Planning Tools Infographics
See how Cities-LEAP overlaps with other Energy Department and federal programs that support local energy projects.
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See City Energy Profiles

Get comprehensive energy use and activity information from ten new datasets that can help cities plan and implement clean energy projects.

NEW! Commercial Building Energy Benchmarking Data
Explore how different policies would affect your city using new commercial building energy benchmarking data in the City Energy Profiles.
The following chart shows commercial properties from CoStart Realty Information, Inc. ( by building area and property type. Cities can use this data to estimate the potential scope and impact of building energy benchmarking policies.

Map of Local Partners

See what cities we are working with on the map below. Go to the Demonstration Projects and City Energy: From Data to Decisions pages to learn more.

Cities-LEAP Local Government Partners


Cities-LEAP is the only project that covers all goals across each sector in the city-level space. This is why it is the only project that goes "full-circle."
Cities-LEAP covers each sector in the city-level space. See the full image to learn more.

Cities-LEAP is focused on the following activities:

  • Demonstration Cities: Develop and pilot data-driven decision frameworks by local or tribal governments to support their energy and climate goals.
  • Actions, Goals, and Metrics Mapping: Improve city energy decision making by mapping specific city energy or climate policies and actions to measurable impacts and results.
  • City Energy Profile Tool: Develop data resources that provide comprehensive, standardized, and usable estimates of local energy use for every city in the United States.
  • Identify Possible Futures: Outline a vision for what cities could collectively realize by achieving aggressive energy and climate targets.

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Additional EERE Resources for Cities

State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network
SEE Action offers resources, discussion forums, and technical assistance to state and local decision makers.
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State and Local Solution Center
The State & Local Solution Center provides resources to advance successful, high-impact energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and projects.
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