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A Zero Energy Ready Home delivers much more than energy savings, quality construction, and innovative technologies. Most importantly, a Zero Energy Ready Home delivers a superior homeowner experience. 

Read what homeowners are saying about their experience living in a Zero Energy Ready Home!

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"This will be our retirement home. Our goals were to have the tightest envelope and most energy-efficient systems for the long run. This house is also very comfortable; that is the greatest thing about it. It’s silent. We have triple glazing.  We don’t hear anyone’s weed whackers on weekend mornings." 

New Fairfield, Connecticut

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"Since moving into the Zero Energy Ready Home, we have found a vast improvement in indoor air quality. One of the occupants suffers from asthma. Since moving into the home, the asthma symptoms have been dramatically reduced, enough that daily medication has been eliminated. We attribute this to the tightness of the envelope … achieved through advanced framing techniques, various air-sealing measures, spraying the envelope with open- and closed-cell insulation.”  

Atlanta, Georgia

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Photo of the exterior of a house.

"The energy efficiency of my home has truly blown me away. One [monthly] power bill totaled $3.64 and another totaled $7.96. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t beat that." 

Prescott Valley, Arizona

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