Welcome to Zero Energy Ready Home Update—your connection to news from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program, which supports housing industry leaders with the tools necessary to reach a whole new level of home performance that ensures outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health and durability.  Each monthly edition brings you the latest information about technologies, tools, events, and publications. 

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February - It's Time to Engage Homebuyers

January - ZERH and the International Builders Show


December - Leading the Way to Zero

November - The Rising Popularity of Zero in Today's Housing Market

October - 2017 Housing Innovation Awards Wrap-Up

August - The 2017 Housing Innovation Awards

JuneWhat do these builders know that you don't?

MayDOE Zero Energy Ready Homes Updates Specs to Rev06

April - Give Your Marketing a Power Boost: Become a National Housing Innovation Award Winner

March - 2017 Year in Review


December - 2016 Leading Builder Round Table Report

OctoberThe 'Zero' Movements Beings with Housing Innovation Award Winners

AugustLet the Campaign Begin...Creating Consumer Interest in Zero

July Good Windows are Getting Better! A Reminder about DOE ZERH's Changing Window Specifications

April - Welcome to the Zero Energy Ready Home Housing Innovation Awards

March - Zero Has Arrived, Now Let's Bring Her Home

January Getting Homebuyers to Act in Their Own Self Interest...it Takes a Village....a Village of Innovation Partners!


DecemberWhy Buy a Zero Energy Ready Home?.....Stay Tuned

October - It's Consumer Education...(something that rhymes with Cupid)

September Educating Appraisers Beings with a Consistent Framework

July - No to 'Net-', Yes to 'Ready'

May - Good Government...Who Knew?

April - How Many of You are Over 60?

February- If You Don't Tell Your Story, You Give it Away


December - Special Words for a Special Builder

November - It's the Window....

August - It's Summertime and the Recognition is Easy

JuneWords Matter...They Matter A lot

May - Zero is a Big Deal...Get Recognized For It

April - Goodbye Challenge...Hello Zero

March - 100,000 Builders Ready for Challenge Home

January - Happy New Year!